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Kawaii Goodies for the Young at Heart

Who says grown-ups have to be serious all the time? You probably have a youthful heart, like a fun-loving kid, if cute playful cat illustrations makes you go "awww". My name is Irene, and I create kawaii designs that bring happiness to those who are a child at heart.

Everyone is fighting their own battles. Sometimes, all we need is something to make us smile.

The art that I create offers a quick escape to a happy world - far, far away from daily stresses and worries. It's a delightful utopia where innocent animals cheer you on and make you smile.

Donut Worry Be Happy Phone Case

Imagine greeted by a cheeky kitty cat on your phone case first thing in the morning as you glance at your phone.

Then your cute mug brings you a dose of light-heartedness on top of your caffeine boost. 

And when your best friend sees your super kawaii shirt and squeals excitedly, "OMG, that's freaking adorable!!!", you can't help but grin (and feel really proud inside).

As you let loose and allow yourself indulge in simple joyful moments, life becomes a little easier. 

My art has brought countless moments of happiness to "big kids" around the world. And I hope my products help to lift up your mood, even when the going gets tough.

Go ahead and enjoy your tour in the kawaii shop, I am sure you'll find something that makes you smile.



Irene (and kitty Gray-gray)

Irene's Photo